The HAPPIEST Camp on Earth!!!

Hey SKCers!!!

We had a BLAST this week with our awesome Disney theme!! With Disney arts and crafts and a fun trip to go see Inside Out at the movie theater, we had a busy week!

sage2 session 4cars session 4

robin and lucas session 4session 4 cars

On Friday, we had a mega scavenger hunt that involved completing tasks for our favorite Disney characters. Whether it was waking up Sleeping Beauty or Helping Dory remember fun Disney facts, these tasks kept us all busy! Overall, we had an AMAZING day and can’t wait to have more fun this week!

alex and taylor session 4 drew joe and lucas session 4 john session 4

Session 1-3 Recap: Heroes, Athletes, and Safari Explorers!

SKC Here!

We wanted to give you all a quick recap on what we have been doing the past three weeks! We’ve done so many SUPER AWESOME activities and gone on some fun field trips! During Session 1, we got to go to the Fire Station to see real life superheroes!!! They even let counselor Crust dress up like a firefighter and soaked counselor Alex with the firehose!!!

IMG_5110naomi session 1alex session 1sam and alex session 1karina session1

Session 2 was an amazing Safari week with animal crafts and mini “safari” explorations. For our real life exploration, we went to Sonoma County Wildlife for the first time, and we were able to learn about all the reduced animals. We even got to hear a Coyote howl to us-they were pretty talkative and seemed to like visitors!

ava session2 session 2 animals session 2

Finally we had our famous OLYMPICS week! We all got to dress up as different athletes and went to Pump it Up for our field trip! On Friday we were able to do some relaxing yoga to start off the day, followed with an AM-AZING jump house that every camper was able to use! Overall, we’ve had a great start to camp and we can’t wait for the rest of summer!!! Keep following our blog to stay updated on our sessions and to see pictures from each week! Can’t wait to see you all back at SKC! :)

session 3 yoga 6 session 3 yoga 4 session 3 drew jess and bradley session 3 drew jumpie session 3 skittles2 session 3 heart attack group session 3 bouncy 2

New Parking Route!

Hey SKC Parents!

There is currently construction on your usual route for parking during SKC drop off/pickup. Bear with us as this construction will be blocking the main road for the first three weeks of camp. Luckily, there is an alternate route you can take! Attached below is a map with the easiest way to get to these parking lots. Please use this route the first three weeks to avoid traffic jams and delays when dropping off your camper.

Directions: To get to the 30 minute drop off section, use the SSU entrance that crosses between East Cotati Ave and Vine Road. Turn left at the stop sign, and then turn right towards the housing section. As you drive down this little back street, the SSU housing will be on your right. Soon you will see the Campus Police Station. When you do, you will have to make a right and you will see the exit for the current parking lot you are in. When you exit this parking lot, you will be able to turn left and take your normal route to the SKC drop off/pick up section. See the map below.

skc temp parking

Thank you for your cooperation as we work with this construction on campus! We are so excited for camp this summer, and can’t wait to see you here within the next few weeks! If you have any other questions call the SSU Recreation Center at (707) 664-4FUN. :)

Parent Orientation

Hey everyone!!! As you all know camp is T-Minus 11 days 18 hours and 27 minutes, were not counting down or anything… With camp approaching we would like to remind all of you that we will be holding a Parent Orientation on Wednesday, 5/27/15 at 7:00PM in Mckinley gym (where camp drop of is). During this the directors will be holding a power point presentation about our camp and will address a plethora of issues including; daily life at camp, field trip days, proper attire and also the POOL. We want you to be confident that your children are in a safe environment at all times while at SKC and we hope that this orientation will relieve any concerns you may have. Contact us with any questions or topics you would like to have covered during the presentation at

SKC Directors

PS. Here is a link to the campus map, with this you can locate the Recreation Center Building which holds Mckinley Gym . We suggest that you park in the “J Parking Lot,” you will have to purchase $5 parking permit from one of the yellow ticket boxes that are placed in the parking lots.

I.D. Page Info!!

Hey everyone!!!! We are implementing a couple new things this year. As you have know we have taken the jump to online payments. We will also be implementing a new check out system where we will be checking the I.D.s for every pick-up. Here is where you can help us out with it. On the last page of your waiver packet there is instructions on how to complete this step. We hope that by incorporating this it will make our camp even safer. In the end, your child’s safety is our number one priority. Attached is what we are looking for in an I.D. page. This should be stapled to the back of your waiver packet. Remember this packet MUST be turned into the Rec center (front desk) before your child can attend camp.  Here is a link to the word document displaying the ideal I.D. page –> I.D. Page example

On a brighter and much more fun note, CAMP IS IN 40 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!! All of us here at camp are beyond excited! Can’t wait to see you all!

SKC Directors


Why hello everyone!! We are aware of the issues that have arisen with our online registration. This is our first year with the online registration and as such we are experiencing some growing pains. We are sincerely sorry for any inconvenience. Below is a link to a word document that provides a step-by-step guide on how to register and sign up your camper! How to Register your Camper for SKC

Counselor In Training Applications!!!

Counselors in Training (CITs) are an essential part of Super Kids Camp. CITs are the ages of 12-14.  Their responsibilities vary from helping out counselors during activities, providing a friendly environment for the campers, and making up some of their own activities for the campers. In addition, they will develop their leadership skills, communication skills (leading a group of 90 campers is a difficult task even for us), as well as learning how to work well with a team as they work hand and hand with our counselors to make camp the best it can be. They are a vital component to our camp; however, even with all the work CITs do, they also have ridiculous amounts of fun as they see camp through a whole new perspective!  Applications will be due on March 30th to the Campus Recreation Center at the front desk or email us it at

To view the application please visit our website using the link below

Or email us at and we will gladly email you an attached application.