Yo Ho, Yo Ho, A Pirates Life for Me!

Arrrr Matey! The Session 9 Recap is Here!


skc sun

Last week our campers got to have a blast with our Pirate theme! We made pirate beards, hook hands, treasure chests, and went on a scavenger hunt to save Wendy from Captain Hook! For our field trip, we went to Cal Skate!

session 9 cal skate 4

Campers play a game of Simon Says at Cal Skate!

IMG_4756IMG_4902IMG_4936session 9 cal skate 5

session 9 treasure chests


Can you believe that we are in WEEK 10 of Super Kids Camp? The summer has flown by! This week will be taking a trip out to the WILD WILD WEST for our theme!

Tuesday & Thursday: We will be going to the pool! Bring appropriate clothing for your camper. 

Wednesday: Howarth Park is our last field trip this summer! Campers are allowed to bring $5.00 for food at the snack bar.


sad spongebobsad tigger

sadness cloud

This Friday is our annual SKC Talent Show!!!! Parents are encouraged to attend to support all the campers showing off their awesome skills! It will begin at 1:15pm in Pearson Theater. We are also having a potluck, so if you would like to bring snacks to share that would be greatly appreciated! Also, don’t forget that we will be doing TIE DYE shirts this Friday as well! So if you would like your camper to participate please send them with a white (pre-washed) t-shirt to tie dye. 

Blast to the Past: Medieval Week at SKC!

Here’s a recap of our Medieval Themed week from Session 7!


These three campers are excited to be at SKC with counselor Sasha (AKA Spiderman) and are posing in front of our castle photo booth!

20150622_120101 20150623_105830

Campers have a blast with balloons during their science activity!

20150623_131934 20150623_132003 20150623_132250 20150623_132727

Hailey and Kailyn pose for the camera during their art lesson!

20150708_132714  20150724_144800

One of our special guests this week was Jim from En Garde Fencing! We all got to put on professional fencing gear and learn some basics! 20150724_115838 20150724_120021

At our fair on Friday we had face painting, giant jenga, a jousting jumpie, connect four, a photo booth, fun games, and a parachute to play with!

 20150724_140325 20150724_144348


These two campers battle on our giant jousting jumpie!


Coming up this Week… 

Pirate Theme!!!! 

pirate pic

Remember, Tuesday and Thursday we will be going to the POOL on campus. Bring a swim suit and towel for your camper :) 

I know you all are also probably curious about what our field trip is this week! We will be heading out to CAL SKATE on Wednesday. Get excited!! 

On Friday we will have some fun pirate themed games and a scavenger hunt to look for the lost treasure! Make sure to dress up in your best costume and we’ll see which pirates can get to the treasure first! 

Can’t wait to see all you awesome campers at SKC this week! 

Aloha from the Tropical Lands of SKC!

Aloha Campers, Parents, and Friends!liloandstich5

Last week we adventured through the Environmental Discovery Center and an awesome Hawaiian themed week at SKC! Campers and counselors alike dressed up in their best Luau attire and were ready to have a fun-filled day! 
session 7 cheyyene w others  session 7 EDC kids session 7 EDC2 session 7 hike 8  session 7 charlie silly

These are our latest pictures from the EDC! On our hike we could see Spring Lake, and campers got to learn all about starfish and other kinds of marine life in the wilderness! 

session 7 jumpie session 7 jumpie againIMG_2358 session 7 poop chair 2 session 7 rockwall folks session 7 slide3

Our jumpie on Friday was a success! Every camper was able to try out the slide and have a blast! Overall, AWESOME week! 

sam and sage

lilo and stitch2


What’s Happening This Week in Session 8????

jester hat

Theme: Medieval

Monday: Rock wall, Crafts, Canapult Games, and Rugby!

Tuesday: POOL DAY! Pack a swim suit and towel.

Wednesday: Field Trip to Jack London State Park! Please bring close toed shoes, we will be doing a small hike!

Thursday: POOL DAY! Pack a swim suit and towel.

Friday: We have an awesome Friday planned this week! There will be fencing lessons from Jim, games with the directors, and a super fun Renaissance Fair put together just for our SKC Campers! We’ll have a jousting jumpie, pool noodle archery, giant jenga, a stocks photo booth, and more!  Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind FUN FRIDAY :)

Circus Circus and Forest Adventures!

What was at SKC last week??

Carnivals! Petrified Trees! Jumpies! Pie! At SKC we built a personalized carnival just for our campers! There were games, jump houses, face paint, and more! Our awesome counselor Robin came as Robindinouh the Great-she can tell your fortune at any moment! We also had campers win tickets for the games they played, with an AWESOME prize to be won at the end! Campers with the most tickets got to choose a counselor or CIT or their choice to pie in the face! Taylor and Hannah were the lucky winners of that pie contest :) 

robudinoh session 6 activities mummy session 6 carnival 3 session 6 corn hole session 6 face paintsession 6 karina session 6 face paint camper session 6 hannah pie vicory 2 session 6 jumpiesession 6 liter bottle game session 6 more carnival session 6 pie face session 6 ring toss session 6 tre pie SKC Carnival

For our field trip on Wednesday, we also visited the Petrified Forest. Our tour guides were GREAT and told us all about the petrification process! Some of the trees were 3.5 MILLION years old! (WOW!) 

little group PF pet forest session6 PF Forest PF session 6 PF session 6 group PF session 6 middles

Overall, this awesome week of camp came to a close and now we are ready for this next session to begin! If you want to know what’s going on this week, here’s an update of our activities and field trips for Session 7! 

SESSION 7-Luau Theme!

Monday: Rainbow Cups with Beverley, Kirmudgon with Taylor, Jellyfish with Robin, Rockwall with Sasha!

Tuesday: Shark Crafts with Dante, Gauntlet with Alex, and a Dinner Party with Gary! We will also be going to the pool at 1:30, so make sure to pack a suit and towel for your camper!

Wednesday: Field Trip at the Environmental Discovery Center! We will be leaving for our trip at approximatley 10:45am and arriving back around 3pm.

Thursday: Water Softball with Sasha, Rainbow Fish with Gary, and Science with Drew! We will going to the pool on Thursday, so once again pack appropriately for your camper:)

FUN FRIDAY: There will be jumpies, limbo games, and new games we have never played before at camp! We will also be watching Lilo and Stitch in honor of our Luau Themed Week-so get ready to dress up in your best costume and pretend we are in Hawaii for the afternoon!

The HAPPIEST Camp on Earth!!!

Hey SKCers!!!

We had a BLAST this week with our awesome Disney theme!! With Disney arts and crafts and a fun trip to go see Inside Out at the movie theater, we had a busy week!

sage2 session 4cars session 4

robin and lucas session 4session 4 cars

On Friday, we had a mega scavenger hunt that involved completing tasks for our favorite Disney characters. Whether it was waking up Sleeping Beauty or Helping Dory remember fun Disney facts, these tasks kept us all busy! Overall, we had an AMAZING day and can’t wait to have more fun this week!

alex and taylor session 4 drew joe and lucas session 4 john session 4

Session 1-3 Recap: Heroes, Athletes, and Safari Explorers!

SKC Here!

We wanted to give you all a quick recap on what we have been doing the past three weeks! We’ve done so many SUPER AWESOME activities and gone on some fun field trips! During Session 1, we got to go to the Fire Station to see real life superheroes!!! They even let counselor Crust dress up like a firefighter and soaked counselor Alex with the firehose!!!

IMG_5110naomi session 1alex session 1sam and alex session 1karina session1

Session 2 was an amazing Safari week with animal crafts and mini “safari” explorations. For our real life exploration, we went to Sonoma County Wildlife for the first time, and we were able to learn about all the reduced animals. We even got to hear a Coyote howl to us-they were pretty talkative and seemed to like visitors!

ava session2 session 2 animals session 2

Finally we had our famous OLYMPICS week! We all got to dress up as different athletes and went to Pump it Up for our field trip! On Friday we were able to do some relaxing yoga to start off the day, followed with an AM-AZING jump house that every camper was able to use! Overall, we’ve had a great start to camp and we can’t wait for the rest of summer!!! Keep following our blog to stay updated on our sessions and to see pictures from each week! Can’t wait to see you all back at SKC! :)

session 3 yoga 6 session 3 yoga 4 session 3 drew jess and bradley session 3 drew jumpie session 3 skittles2 session 3 heart attack group session 3 bouncy 2

New Parking Route!

Hey SKC Parents!

There is currently construction on your usual route for parking during SKC drop off/pickup. Bear with us as this construction will be blocking the main road for the first three weeks of camp. Luckily, there is an alternate route you can take! Attached below is a map with the easiest way to get to these parking lots. Please use this route the first three weeks to avoid traffic jams and delays when dropping off your camper.

Directions: To get to the 30 minute drop off section, use the SSU entrance that crosses between East Cotati Ave and Vine Road. Turn left at the stop sign, and then turn right towards the housing section. As you drive down this little back street, the SSU housing will be on your right. Soon you will see the Campus Police Station. When you do, you will have to make a right and you will see the exit for the current parking lot you are in. When you exit this parking lot, you will be able to turn left and take your normal route to the SKC drop off/pick up section. See the map below.

skc temp parking

Thank you for your cooperation as we work with this construction on campus! We are so excited for camp this summer, and can’t wait to see you here within the next few weeks! If you have any other questions call the SSU Recreation Center at (707) 664-4FUN. :)