Circus Circus and Forest Adventures!

What was at SKC last week??

Carnivals! Petrified Trees! Jumpies! Pie! At SKC we built a personalized carnival just for our campers! There were games, jump houses, face paint, and more! Our awesome counselor Robin came as Robindinouh the Great-she can tell your fortune at any moment! We also had campers win tickets for the games they played, with an AWESOME prize to be won at the end! Campers with the most tickets got to choose a counselor or CIT or their choice to pie in the face! Taylor and Hannah were the lucky winners of that pie contest 🙂 

robudinoh session 6 activities mummy session 6 carnival 3 session 6 corn hole session 6 face paintsession 6 karina session 6 face paint camper session 6 hannah pie vicory 2 session 6 jumpiesession 6 liter bottle game session 6 more carnival session 6 pie face session 6 ring toss session 6 tre pie SKC Carnival

For our field trip on Wednesday, we also visited the Petrified Forest. Our tour guides were GREAT and told us all about the petrification process! Some of the trees were 3.5 MILLION years old! (WOW!) 

little group PF pet forest session6 PF Forest PF session 6 PF session 6 group PF session 6 middles

Overall, this awesome week of camp came to a close and now we are ready for this next session to begin! If you want to know what’s going on this week, here’s an update of our activities and field trips for Session 7! 

SESSION 7-Luau Theme!

Monday: Rainbow Cups with Beverley, Kirmudgon with Taylor, Jellyfish with Robin, Rockwall with Sasha!

Tuesday: Shark Crafts with Dante, Gauntlet with Alex, and a Dinner Party with Gary! We will also be going to the pool at 1:30, so make sure to pack a suit and towel for your camper!

Wednesday: Field Trip at the Environmental Discovery Center! We will be leaving for our trip at approximatley 10:45am and arriving back around 3pm.

Thursday: Water Softball with Sasha, Rainbow Fish with Gary, and Science with Drew! We will going to the pool on Thursday, so once again pack appropriately for your camper:)

FUN FRIDAY: There will be jumpies, limbo games, and new games we have never played before at camp! We will also be watching Lilo and Stitch in honor of our Luau Themed Week-so get ready to dress up in your best costume and pretend we are in Hawaii for the afternoon!